What Is A After Market Garage Door Opener Remote?

After Market Garage Door Opener Remote

Scimagic aftermarket garage door remote control is compatible with many popular rolling code models on today’s market, replaces your original rolling code or billion code remote control with much cheaper factory-direct wholesale price. The compatible brand and model includes Chamberlain / Merlin / BFT Mitto / DITEC / SOMMER / NICE Smilo / Beninca / Allmatic / DEA / Gibidi / Fox / Vario / Etdoor / Proteco / Motorline / Prastel / Nice Flor / King Gate / ATA / BND / ECA / LIFE / HORMANN and Herculift etc.

Each aftermarket remote is designed to work with one corresponding genuine remote model only, all remotes need to be programmed to receiver on site, or remotely if receiver supports remote learning, just same as original.

We try to provide as many brands as possible to help our customers reduce the cost, still there are some brands we haven’t made yet.

Our strong engineer team makes us able to develop many compatible models, and we have already successfully developed several aftermarket models that is popular in specific country, please contact us if you’re interested in product development