Model: SMG-1010

Waterproof Outdoor Mirror Reflection Photocell Sensor 7 Meter Long Distance

Product Introduction
  • Voltage: 12-24V DC ±10%
  • Current: 25mA
  • Detection Distance: 7m
  • Detectable object: Opaque material (minimum 3 * 3mm)
  • Reaction time: Max 0.5ms
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Press button for 2-3 seconds to set automatically
  • Operating mode: Press and hold for 10 seconds change automatically
  • Indicator light: Output and power: red LED, stable operation: green LED
  • Control output: NPN/PNP: Max 100mA (40V), remaining voltage: maximum 1V
  • Protect electric circuit: Reverse current protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
  • Waterproof IP: IP66
  • Environment brightness: Incandescent: maximum 5000 lux, daylight: maximum 20000lux
  • Environment temperature: Non-freezing -20 to + 55 ° C
  • Relative humidity: 35 to 85%
  • Weight: 80g

Product Information

  • Wiring
    Brown wire- 10-24V DC
    Blue wire- 0V DC
    Black wire- NPN Load output
  • Setting
    Range setting: Put the photocell and Reflector at the same level, press and hold the button for 3s, the led will flash 6 times, Then you can test the range
    NO/NC exchange: Press and hold the button for 10-15S, the color of the led will be change,then it finish to change
  • Remark
    1) Do not look directly at the luminous beam, do not light onto the sensor with strong light sirectly
    2) When detecting a strong mirror reflection, slightly adjust the sensor if the distance detection and setting are unstable
    3) If you need to apply the sensor to the outdoors or in some special circumstances, please contact our technical staff
    4) During using, if the temperature/environment with big change or the surface with dew/fog, please wipe it with clean cotton cloth
    5) If the sensor is working in an oily or dusty working environment, keep the sensor mirror clean


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