Model: SMG-020A

TX MULTI Universal Rolling Code Remote Control 315MHz/433Mhz/868MHz

Product Introduction
  • Product name: TX MULTI Universal Rolling Code Remote Control 315MHz/433Mhz/868MHz
  • Name: SMG-020A Remote Control
  • Working For:Multi brand (See list below)
  • Emission Distance: 50 to 100 m (proof)
  • Working voltage: 12V 27A (battery a including)
  • Dimensions: 35 x 65 x 15mm
  • Weight: 55g.

Product Information

The latest style in 2020 !

Program upgrade, unique operation method. No need to use the original remote control for programming, if you lose the original remote control, this is your best choice.

Powerful !

Suitable for remote control of 54 brands,Continue to adding. If you need to buy in bulk, you can add any brand. Up to 4 different remotes in 1.

Compatibility list !!!

Only compatible with the branded remote controls listed below. Please make sure your original remote control is in the list.

The product that you will receive is SMG-020A, it is an aftermarket compatible remote. No original goods, but 100% perfect fit! All brand names, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their legal owners and are used here only for the description or identification of the devices. The remote control is the same function as your original remote. Please program the remote control according to the manual when you get it.

The operation is simple !

Selete the brand, then program with receiver same as original remote.

Programming manual

A. Choose the brand remote you want. 1. Hold and keep press button 1 and button 4 until you see the led light ON.For example:DITEC(CODE 1-3-3-3) is press button 1, button 3,button 3,button 3. If we want button 1 to store the code.We can press button 1. 2. Repeat all steps to program buttons 2.Hold and keep press button 1 and button 4 until you see the led light ON.DOORHAN(CODE 1-1-3-2)is press button 1, button 1,button 3,button 2. If we want button 2 to store the code.We can press button 2. 3. The new remote control button 1 is a DITEC remote control, button 2 is DOORHAN remote control. B. Activate (program) the new remote control on the receiver.same as original remote. 1. Open the casing of your receiver. It is located next to your motor. 2. On the receiver circuit board, press the programming button Prog 1 until the LED light L1 on the receiver illuminates. 3. Press 1 button on your new remote control. Let it go. The LED light on the receiver blinks and then turns off 4. Wait 10 seconds.Your new remote control is programmed. C. Hidden button. Press and hold button 1 and 2 at the same time until the led light on. Then press button 1( the button you store the code to sent the hidden button).


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