Model: SMG-862

WaterProof Comaptible 12/24V AC DC 2 Channel Standard Receiver 433.42MHz

Product Introduction
  • WaterProof Comaptible 12/24V AC DC 2 Channel Standard Receiver 433.42MHz 
  • Working voltage: 12/24V DC AC
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Working temperature: -40℃ +80℃
  • Working frequency: 433.42MHz.
  • Receive the type of encoding: 433.42mhz Receiver
  • Waterproof IP: IP55
  • Range: 60-100M

Product Information

WaterProof Comaptible 12/24V AC DC 2 Channel Standard Receiver 433.42MHz 


The Compatible RTS receiver with dry contact is a receiver which enables control of the roller shutters and
curtains 12/24V AC DC. It is compatible with most RTS transmitters, Standard Tube Motors and
Curtains, not compatible with the new collection

Products advantage:

Frequency: 433,42 MHz
Power Supply: 12/24V AC DC (12V shorten JUMPER 2 PIN 1-2, 24V shorten JUMPER 2 PIN 2-3)
Number of relays: 2
Number of programmable remote controls: 48 per relay (96 in total)
Code: Rolling code (RTS)
Option to increase radio range by antenna
Protection index: IP 55
Compatibility: All low-voltage RTS motors (Put on jumper 1, it’s for curtain
remotes, take off jumper 1, it’s for garage door remotes )
Operating temperature: -20°C +70°C
Dimensions (WxHxD): 85 x 85 x 50 mm

Programming instruction

1. Learning transmitter’s codes:
Press PRG 1 or PRG 2 for 2-3 second, the LEARN LED will be on, then, press the button which you choose on the
transmitter till the “learn_led” flash and go out, the
transmitter’s code has been stored.
• Repeat the above steps for other transmitters.
2. Erasing transmitter’s codes:
Press “PRG 1” or “PRG 2” and hold on to make the “learn_led light till go out
PRG 1 to delete channel 1
PRG 2 to delete channel 2


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