Model: SMG-802

DC12V 433.92MHZ Motor Forward And Reverse Remote Controller

Product Introduction
  • Working Voltage: DC12V/DC24V can be optioned
  • Output Current: 10A
  • Channel: 2CH
  • Working Frequency: 315/433MZH can be optioned
  • Receiver sensitivity: -105Db
  • Working temperature: -10’C – +60’C
  • Encoding Type: Learning Code (add transmitter by the learning button on the receiver)
  • Distance: 100M
  • Can store 30 pcs remotes each receiver

Product Information

  • Output State: It is adjusted by the Jumper on the Receiver Board
  • Noted: before you change it .you need turn OFF the power. Until you have changed it, then turn ON the power again, or the State will not be changed
  • 3 Different working modes
  • 1. Momentary-Press the Transmitter button A, the receiver relay A is ON, release button A; the receiver relay A is OFF, the same as B Button and Relay B. 2CH are independent .
  • 2. Toggle-Press transmitter button A for 1 time, the receiver relay A is ON, press button A again, the receiver relay A is OFF, the same as B Button and B Relay. 2CH are independent
  • 3. Latched-Press transmitter button A, the receiver relay A is ON, the relay B is OFF, press transmitter button B, the receiver relay B is ON, the relay A is OFF.
  • It also mean .Latched only can keep 1CH ON .and it will often have 1CH is ON.
  • Clearing Code

    Keeping press the Learning Button on the Receiver, the LED indicator flash fast and then release, , it mean clear successfully.

    Learning Code

    Press the Learning Button, the LED indicator ON ,then press the transmitter Button A, the LED indicator flash fast and then press the Transmitter Button B right now, the LED indicator flash fast again, It means learning successfully


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