Model: SMG-243HR

Compatible HR-MATIC Multi-2 Multi-Frequency Fixed & Rolling code Duplicator 280-868MHz

Product Introduction

Product Information

  • Product Name: Compatible HR-MATIC Multi-2 Multi-Frequency Fixed & Rolling code Duplicator 280-868MHz
  • Universal 4-Channel Multi Frequency auto scan frequency Fixed & Rolling code Remote Control Cloning/Duplicator Remote Control Key Fob 286-868MHz
  • Work these rolling code remotes:
  • Aprimatic TR2/TR4, TM4
    Beninca LO.T2WMR, T2WV/T4WV, TO.GO2WV/TO.GO4WV, Cupido, IO.2WV
    Bft MITTO (Mitto2/Mitto4, Mitto B RCB 02 R1 2CH/Mitto B RCB 04 R1 4CH, Kleio2/Kleio4, RB, Ghibli)
    Dea TR2/TR4, Genie 273, Gold 288/Gold 289
    Ditec GOL4, BIXLP2
    Faac 433 SLH (XT2 433 SLH/XT4 433 SLH; TML2 433 SLH/TML4 433 SLH, T2 433 SLH/T4 433 SLH) – *master
    Faac 868 SLH (XT2 868 SLH/XT4 868 SLH, TML2 868 SLH/TML4 868 SLH, T2 868 SLH/T4 868 SLH, DL2 868 SLH/DL4 868 SLH) – *master
    Fadini Jubi, Jubi Small
    Genius Amigold2/Amigold4, JA332 (Amigo TX2 868), JA334 (Amigo TX4 868) – *master
    Key TXB-42R/TXB-44R, SUB-44R
    Mhouse TX4, GTX4, Moovo MT4
    Nice FLOR (Flo1R/Flo2R/Flo4R,Very VR, One1/One2/One4/One9, One1E/One2E/One4E/One9E, Inti1/Inti2), SMILO (SM2/SM4)
    Novoferm Novotron 502/Novotron 504   /NORMSTAHL    /NOVA  CENTURION
    Sommer 434 MHz, 868 MHz
    *master – your original remote conrol must be in a master version.
  • How to recognise a master/slave transmitter:
  • master: if you press any key of a master transmitter, the LED flashes before becoming steady.
    slave: if you press any key of a slave transmitter, the LED goes on immediately with steady light.
    WHY EVO multi can be a replacement for remotes with fixed code also:
  • Beninca: LO.T2WMS, T2WK/T4WK, TO.GO2WP/TO.GO4WP
    Came: TAM 432 SA, TOP 432 NA/TOP 434 NA, TOP 432 SD, TOP 432 EV/TOP 434 EV – video tutorial
    Dea: TD2/TD4, Genie 263, Gold 238, Gold 239
    Faac: TM1/TM2/TM3 433 DS, TM1/TM2/TM3 868 DS
    Hormann: remotes with o frequency of 868,3 MHz (except BiSecur version)
    Key: TXB-42, TXB-44
    Marantec: remotes with o frequency of 433,92 MHz and 868,3 MHz
    Nice: FLO1/FLO2/FLO4, Very VE
  • Programming:  1.Press and hold button 1 and 2 at the same time until Led start flash quickly, then
    release 2 buttons to enter copy status
    2. Put original remote in the front of new remote (about 2-3cm), press the original
    remote button which need to be copied until the LED of new remote flash quickly (LED
    have regular flashes)
    3. Press the button of New remote that you want to use to save the code
    4. If you do not copy successfully, please repeat above steps
    5. To duplicate a second button, repeat the above steps


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