Model: SMG-1011

12V-24V DC 10m Battery Powered Safety Beam Infrared Sensor Infrared Photocell for Gate Opener Motor

Product Introduction

Product Name: 12V-24V DC 10m Battery Powered Safety Beam Infrared Sensor Infrared Photocell for Gate Opener Motor

  • Working voltage: Transmitter : 3V (2PCS AAA battery 1.5V LR03), Receiver : 12-24V DC
  • Working current: Transmitter < 85µA, Receiver < 30mA (24V DC)
  • Photocell wavelength: 940nm
  • Angle of emission:≤±5°
  • Receiving range:> 12m
  • Relay contact loading capacity:1A/30VDC
  • Size:100*40*35mm

Product Information

  • Description

    Single beam photocell sensor/single beam detector is used for automatic slide door, coil door , garage door windows etc.

    Consists of a transmitter and a receiver, and the integrated amplifier can produce infrared beam.

    Narrow infrared beam (I or II) can avoid interruption by external light.

    Even installed at low height(20-40cm from the floor), the detecting distance can also be guaranteed(5-10meters).

    The beam produced by MICROCELL provides a self-detecting function for the sliding doors. Once the self-detecting beam is interrupted, the door will stop closing and reverse rapidly to the utmost width. The door will open until the detecting beam is resumed. When the door completely closes, the detecting beam becomes invalid.

    Operating temperature: -40 degrees to +70 degrees
    Operating Humidity 40% ~ 80% RH


    1.For security, please read the user manual carefully before initial operation;
    2.This photocell is without any fuse,so Please make sure the power is off before installation;
    3.Only used this system that do not cause any danger life or property during the running failure or its security risks eliminated;
    4.Please guarantee the products used in effective working range

  • Installation instruction

    4.1 Receive module J4 in above picture is the option switch for NO and NC of photocell switch.
    4.1.1When the short circuit cap on NO,it is normally open.
    4.1.2 When the short circuit cap on NC,it is normally closed.
    4.2 Installation
    4.2.1 The photocell should be installed more than 20cm above the ground (to avoid reflection), and the distance between emitter
    and receiver should be more than 50cm.
    4.2.2 End user should install the photocell receiver on the back of the direct sunlight or other strong light source(±5-) to keep photocell work well steadily.
    4.2.3 Avoid installing other infrared photocell emitters within the effective distance of receiver.
    4.2.4 If the end user need to install other photocells in one same straight line , the receivers could be installed in the two ends and the emitters could be back-to-back installed.
    4.2.5 Stable installation could avoid the signal of emitter and receiver skewing due to lightly vibrate and the malfunction.
    4.2.6 When the product is install in some place with angle , end user could adjust the PCBA to make the installation better.
    4.2.7 Connect the power after the inspection, when short circuit cap at NO, After the battery is installed on the LED lamp of the transmitting module, the LED lamp lights up for 0.5 seconds and then goes out, receiver module LED turns on, receiver module contact at off; when make the cap of emitter and receiver in alignment, receiver module LED is off, NC/NO is on ;when something or someone shelter the sensor, receiver module LED will turn on , NC/NO contact is off. When short circuit cap at NC, the state of NO/NO is opposite to the above phenomenon.


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