Model: SMG-042JCM

868.35Mhz Rolling Code JCM GO Replacement Cloning Remote Control

Product Introduction
  • Product name: 868.35Mhz Rolling Code JCM GO Replacement Cloning Remote Control
  • The design with AB rubber button, LED Indicator. The usage life of the button is 100, 000 times.
  • Third party remote control for JCM Remote. NOT made by JCM TECH.
  • Transmit distance – 30-50m (Open space)
  • Compatible Models:
    GOPro-mini 868
    JCM TECH GOPro-mini 868
    JCM TECH GOPro-2
    JCM TECH GOPro-4

Product Information

  • Product Name: 868.35Mhz Rolling Code JCM GO Replacement Cloning Remote Control
  • Material: PVC
  • Frequency: 868.35mhz
  • Net weight: 30g
  • Modulation System: ASK
  • Operating Current:<25mA
  • Transmit power: >=10mW
  • Transmission speed: 50-60KHz
  • Frequency windage: ±0.2MHz
  • Transmission distance: 100 meter(open space)
  • Standby current: less 2uA
  • Transmission current: less 10mA
  • Stable circuit, high accurate and high-effective, individuation and humanization design, bringing you much convenient
  • Adopts imported high-frequency triode, owning 13dbm Transmitting Power
  • Easy to use: Easy to install and use, the 2 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets, car and home or garage
  • Widely Use: Perfect Suitable for controlling electrically operated gate, retractable door, garage door, electric curtain automobile, motorcycle and other telecommand equipments.
  • The programming procedure is same as original JCM remote
    1) Simultaneously press push-buttons A and B of the master TX and release them when the LED flashes (after about one second)
    2) Press and hold down the learning button on the decoding card/RP receiver: the LED must flash
    3) While the master transmitter’s LED is flashing, press and hold down a channel (the TX’s LED goes on with steady light);
    4) Before releasing the learning button on the decoding card/RP receiver, check if the LED goes on with steady light for a couple of seconds to confirm that the “site code” was saved.
    5) Release the button of the master TX channel.
    TX CODING: (Better than original, can face to face copy original remote, then it can work)
    1) Simultaneously press push-buttons A and B of the master TX used for coding the system and release them when the LED flashes (after about one second)
    2) Frontally bring into contact the master TX and the TX to be coded (master or slave)
    3) On the master TX (while its LED is flashing), press and hold down the same channel used for coding the system: the LED goes on with steady light
    4) Press the required channel on the TX to be coded and release it when the LED goes off after flashing twice to confirm the “site code” was saved;
    5) Release the button of the master TX channel
    6) Repeat this procedure for every TX to be coded.


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