Model: SMG-804V2

12/24V DC HCS301 Rolling Code 4 Channel Transmitter Receiver

Product Introduction
  • 4-channel transmitter receiver
  • Operating distance 15-100m
  • Coding Mode: HCS301 rolling code
  • Frequency: Fixed frequency 315MHz/433.92mhz
  • Memory capacity: 20 remotes, if you need more, we can make changes of it
  • High security, can not be copied
  • Operating voltage: DC12V /24V(Optional)
  • Quiescent current: ≤6mA
  • Operating temp: -40C – +80C
  • Receiving sensibility: -114Bm

Product Information

  • Receiver using microprocessor intelligent control can be used in Garage door control, Shutter control, Window control, Lighting Control. Automation Curtain control, etc
  • Working mode
    1) Signal self-locking
    2) Signal interlock
    3) Signal inching
  • Learning Method
    Pressing the button on the study keys on control board ,after LED lighting, immediately pushing any buttons on the remote control ,the LED extinguish, then press the remote control button again, indicates successful learning
  • Delete code
    Pressing the learning key on the receiving module for 10s, then LED extinguish,it indicates existing information is cleared successfully
  • It is designed with small size, beautiful exterior , Sound wave resonator (SAW) is used for stabilizing frequency, It is applied for wireless alarms, wireless controlling devices, etc.
  • Using High stability, SMT components, SAW (sound wave resonator)


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