Model: SMG-801-220V

10A 1 Ch Wireless Remote Control Receiver 1 CH Receiver Kits 220V DC

Product Introduction
  • 4-channel remote control Duplicator 868Mhz clones
    ANSONIC SA 868-1 Mini/M 868,3Mhz
    ANSONIC SA 868-2 Mini/M 868,3Mhz
  • Four buttons, LED Indicator, Sliding cover, Compact pocket sized
  • Self-learning remote control
  • Mainly apply to car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage door, rolling curtain, etc
  • Copy most radio fixed code remote controls
  • Learning face to face in few seconds
  • Operating distance 15-100m
  • Coding Mode: Fixed code
  • Frequency: Fixed frequency 868.3MHz
  • Size: 31mm×55mm×14mm

Product Information

  • Encoding Type: Intelligent Learning Code
  • Working Mode: Superheterodyne Reception
  • Modulation Mode:ASK
  • Frequency: 433MHz/315mhz
  • Working Mode: Momentary, Toggle and Latching
  • Input Voltage: 220V DC
  • Receiving Sensitivity: >97dbm
  • Remote Control Range: >50m (Open Space)
  • Output Terminal: NO, COM, NC
    1) NO: Normal Open (Output)
    2) COM:Common (Output)
    3) NC: Normal Close (Output)
  • Working Mode:
    1) Momentary: Press the remote button, the relay connects, release the remote button, the relay disconnects
    2) Toggle: Press once the remote button, the relay connects, press the remote button twice, the relay disconnects
    3) Latching: Press the remote button A, the relay connects, press the remote button B, the relay disconnect


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